BTA Solar Stockton CA

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BTA Solar Stockton CA
Northern California Solar Company

Solar Power for Residential, Commercial and Agricultural Buildings

Solar Services

Whether it is the conventional PV Module mounted on the ground or the roof, or the sleek BIPV module for flat concrete tile roofs, BTA solar will engineer a system that meets your needs.

• Commercial and Residential
• Photovoltiac Design and Installation
• Grid - Tie or Off - Grid Systems

Learn the basics of Net- Metering and utility rate schedule options so that you can maximize your return on your investment.

We will handle all the necessary California Energy Commission rebate application paperwork, utility interconnection applications, and local jurisdiction permits.

Collect your 12 month electric usage history in Kilo-watt hours: (if you are a PG&E customer, you can request your usage history by calling PG&E customer Service @ 800-743-5000.

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