BTA Solar Stockton CA
BTA Solar Stockton CA

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BTA Solar is an experienced solar system installer located in Stockton, California. We can install solar panels on many types of roofs or on a pole. We have innovative techniques that will help collect the maximum amount of sunlight to convert into energy for your home, business or agricultural buildings.

For most of our customers, the roof is the most optimal location for your solar panel system installation. The roof is already structurally sound enough to carry the weight of the solar panels and mounting hardware.

BTA Solar wants all of our clients to benefit from the use of a solar system, so we continue to learn better ways to install solar panels to be more attractive and useful.

Solar power and energy has many advantages which include:

• Reliable continuous power without worry of brownouts or blackouts
• Clean efficient power that does not generate pollutants
• No monthly utility bills from your local company
• Protection from increased electric bills
• No Power lines needed

When you are looking for the best solar system installation in Northern California, just call BTA Solar at (209) 483-2991 and we will not only show you what can be done but also how you can take advantage of tax incentives for converting to solar power.

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Northern California Solar Company

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