BTA Solar Stockton CA
BTA Solar Stockton CA

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Over the years, just like computers and cellular phones, residential solar systems have become less expensive and are better than they used to be. Making an investment in a residential solar system is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. BTA Solar prides itself on educating our customers on residential solar panel technology and answering each of your questions to your satisfaction. This will make your decision easy because the solar process will be explained thoroughly.

We have creative solar installations available to residential customers so your solar system will generate electricity quickly and with as little disruption of your lives and keeping your home looking beautiful.

Our residential solar experience will help reduce your dependency on your local utility company because your residential solar system will produce the electrical energy you need.

With so many incentives to convert your home to solar power, you really don't have anything to lose and all to gain.

Give BTA Solar a call at (209) 483-2991, so we can help you get any questions answered and help you to become independent from local electrical utility companies rates and blackout/brownouts when there isn't enough energy to go around.

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