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Residential Solar | Residential Solar Power Systems

Over the years due to upgraded technology, Acampo residential solar systems have become less expensive, and are better than they used to be. Making an investment in a residential solar system is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. BTA Solar prides itself on educating our customers on residential solar panel technology and answering each of your questions to your satisfaction. This will make your decision easy because the solar process will be explained thoroughly.

Commercial Solar | Commercial Solar Power Systems

Acampo Commercial businesses need to save money to improve their bottom line, plus being environmentally friendly. A commercial solar system is definitely an important investment to look at. With our many years of experience, we can help your business setup, design and install a money saving commercial solar system which can help your produce a return on your investment usually within 5 years.

Agricultural Solar | Agricultural Solar Power Systems

An agricultural solar system can help with your cold storage, dairy farm, lighting, farm turbines and irrigation pumps.

Whether you have a Acampo farm or ranch, converting over to a solar power system is a great way to help you save money, become more independent and create an efficient energy solution.

How would you like to make money both with your Acampo farm or ranch and with solar energy?

No matter what type of farm or ranch you have, your land can help you produce energy and make you money with agricultural solar systems. You can use the energy you need, and then sell the extra back to the electrical grid.

One of the best parts of an agricultural solar system is that it continuously produces whether you get up early or not.

Government Incentives for Solar Power

There are plenty of government incentives to help you with this change and give you more of a reason to consider adding an agricultural solar system to your Acampo farm or ranch.

Give BTA Solar a call at (209) 483-2991, to answer your questions and give you the best information to make the right decision on either residential, commercial or agricultural solar systems.

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